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​Anshuman Maharaj was born in the City of Banares which is known for its Music and Culture. He belonged to the world famous renowned musical family of traditional Banaras Gharana. His father and great grandfathers were the famous artists of their generations across the world. His training in music was started in childhood only in the family itself. He used to learn tabla but later on fascinated to string instruments he switched over to sarod.His first mentor and guru was Pt. Nankhu Maharaj his grandfather and later on he reacived teaching from Late Pt.Rajesh Chandra Moitra from Maihar Gharana and Prof.Narendra Nath Dhar from Sajahanpur Senia Gharana. He started his 1st performence in the age of 15 and then never seen back, Gave many performances across the globe promoting the heritage of India its classical music and ragas.

Vibhash Maharaj Tabla

Pt. Vibhash Maharaj is the Tabla artist of Benaras Tradition Family of Tabla (Indian Drum).Elder son of great Tabla Maestro Pt Prakash Maharaj ji and Grand son of Pt Nanhku Maharaj ji.He has started his Tabla lessons at the age of 9th under his Grand father and with his Father afterwards. He has gained the unique style and secret of rhythm of Benares Gharana which is one of its kind and universal. His style of mathematics in Tabla can give u a flow of strong rhythm and sound. Currently serving as Assistant Teacher of Tabla in Banaras Hindu University.

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